Sarah MacDonald is a culture writer and editor based in Toronto. Her words can be found in the Globe and Mail, Hazlitt, Noisey, The Walrus, CBC Arts, Elle Canada, Flare, FASHION, NOW Magazine, and more. She focuses on music, film, tv, books (usually how women are treated in those music, film, tv, book things.)

Sarah is a juror for the Polaris Prize, a national music award given to an artist or group for excellence. She is also a juror for the Prism Prize, an award dedicated to innovation in music videos. She has also been a guest on CBC radio programs talking about music and pop culture, and is happy to do so again.

Sarah’s newsroom experience includes an internship at The National Post, an associate editor at Noisey Canada at VICE for a couple of years, and associate producer at CBC Arts. You can read her work at Noisey here. Here are a few pieces she has edited. She also hosted cultural segments for Daily VICE. Here are a few examples.